Clinical Laboratory Sciences Undergraduate Research

Projects 2010-2011: CLS online students


Project 1 An analysis of the QuickVew Influenza A+B EIA as a method for detection of Influenza A and/or Influenza B in cell culture as compared to FDA approved cell culture DFA
Student Name Garrison Alger 
Clinical Facility Primary Children's Medical Center, Microbiology Department,
Salt Lake City, UT
Clinical Faculty Mentor Trenda Barney


Project 2 Influence of temperature and time on hemaglobin A1C's in EDTA tubes
Student Name BoWynne Ashworth  
Clinical Facility Gunnison Valley Hospital Laboratory,
Gunnison, UT
Clinical Faculty Mentor Ardean Anderson


Project 3 Utalizing a specially trained and dedicated phlebotomy staff reduces blood culture contamination
Student Name Jennifer Behnke
Clinical Facility William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital, Nursing Service and Clinical Laboratory, Madison, WI
Clinical Faculty Mentor Meghann Schaitel 


Project 4 Comparison of Point of Care Glucometer Results to the DADE RXL Chemistry Analyzer
Student Name Jennifer Gidcumb 
Clinical Facility FHCC Building 1523 Laboratory Department,
Great Lakes, Il
Clinical Faculty Mentor Alex Agayan


Project 5 The impact on Turnaround time Due to Repeating STAT Specimens
Student Name Jamie Gordon  
Clinical Facility Carlisle Regional Medical Center Laboratory,
Carlisle, PA
Clinical Faculty Mentor Cindy Varner


Project 6 Reference range analysis for myoglobins assayed using the Triage Meter Plus 
Student Name Terrie Inman  
Clinical Facility Saint Luke Community Hospital, Chemistry Department,
Ronan, MT
Clinical Faculty Mentor Judi Borchert


Project 7 Comparing PCR to CHROMagar Method of Detecting MRSA 
Student Name Paul Maddox  
Clinical Facility Northern Arizona Veterans Administration Hospital, Microbiology Department, Prescott, AZ
Clinical Faculty Mentor Kathy Nagy


Project 8 Validation and Correlation of the Troponin I method: Siemens Dimension RxL vs. Tosoh AIA Analyzers 
Student Name Stephen A. Mason  
Clinical Facility St. Joseph's Hospital Clinical Laboratory, Chemistry Department,
Tuscon, AZ
Clinical Faculty Mentor  


Project 9 Improving blood culture turnaround times
Student Name Danielle McPhie 
Clinical Facility Valley View Laboratory, Microbiology Department,
Cedar City, UT
Clinical Faculty Mentor Gregory Peterson


Project 10 Use of commercial gamma polyethylene glycol (PEG) reagent to perform warm autoantibody absorptions 
Student Name Minh Thanh Nguyen  
Clinical Facility

Providence St. Vincent, Blood Bank Department,
Portland, OR

Clinical Faculty Mentor Gail White 


Project 11 Comparison study of Alere PBP2a kit and MecA PCR Method for MRSA detection
Student Name Michelle Omaraie  
Clinical Facility

Salt Lake Clinic, Microbiology Department,
Salt Lake City, UT

Clinical Faculty Mentor Kelli Day


Project 12 MRSA detection: A comparison of methodologies
Student Name Jilena Paskett 
Clinical Facility

Mountain West Medical Center, Microbiology Department,
Tooele, UT

Clinical Faculty Mentor Todd Emery


Project 13 Evaluation of 2009 H1N1 Influenza A identification by indirect fluorescent antibody for direct testing identification and culture identification specific for pediatric population
Student Name Hailey Poppe  
Clinical Facility

Primary Children's Medical Center, Microbiology Department and University of Utah,
Salt Lake City, UT

Clinical Faculty Mentor Trenda Barney


Project 14 Validation of a new Vitros 350 chemistry analyzer 
Student Name Michelle Schlichting 
Clinical Facility

I-70 Community Hosptial,
Sweet Springs, MO

Clinical Faculty Mentor James D. Noble


Project 15 Rapid bacterial meningitis screening for the purpose of facilitating a quick and reliable method for the identification of bacterial memingitis in small hospitals and clinics
Student Name Eddie Trigueros 
Clinical Facility Utah Valley Regional Medical Center,
Provo, Ut
Clinical Faculty Mentor Heather Kusela


Project 16 Homocysteine variances 
Student Name Zachary Wheat  
Clinical Facility Hood Memorial Hospital,
Amite, LA
Clinical Faculty Mentor Sharon Cutrer