WSU Shuttle Bus Services

Bus Seats

WSU Shuttle Bus Services maintains a fleet of buses that can be used for transporting your conference guests. Buses can be rented by the hour or by the day.

WSU Shuttle Bus Services agrees to have the bus available in a timely manner and provide safe, efficient transportation to the desired location. The drivers will provide for refuse removal and bus maintenance. Buses are operated within the rules and guidelines provided by the federal regulations governing the hours of services. This restricts the driver to 10 hours of driving per day and 15 hours of "on-duty" time per day.

Buses are scheduled on a first-come basis. The bus manager will determine the appropriate buses and drivers for individual trips.

Prices subject to change without notice.
Shuttle Bus Services
Local Trips $45.00 /hour 2-hour minimum 60-mile radius from campus 8-hour maximum
Road Trips $175.00/day
and $1.25/mile
+ driver lodging + driver per diem(WSU rate) Limited - call for estimates
To reserve WSU Shuttle Bus Services for your conference, call 801-626-7285.