World Archery (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012): Our repeat success was due to the commitment and dedication of the Weber State University Event department. Their collaboration in meeting our transportation and logistics needs, and the effort of WSU to provide clean facilities, quality food and beverages, and superior outdoor field maintenance lead to strong community support of volunteers and spectators each year. The support of the WSU team was key to the overall success of our event.

Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America: From beginning to end, the WSU staff was phenomenal. Everyone we met cheerfully went beyond the call of duty to help us have a great gathering – doing the work we requested, responding quickly to unanticipated issues, and even anticipating potential problems and acting on their own initiative to prevent them. We have never worked with a more competent, more helpful staff! (And we’ve been doing this for a long while – this event was a celebration of our 25th anniversary.)

Especially for Youth: Thank you so much for taking time to help us solve problems and make the EFY experience great for the youth. We could not have survived this week without you!

Operation Smile: It was such a pleasure to work with you in putting together our conference. Thank you for your diligence and long hours on our behalf. The conference was a great success and I owe that in large part to you. Thanks so much.

Weber School District: Thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf. Science Fair & MESA Day went well because of your knowledge and skills. You are patient and professional. You totally rock. Thanks again.

Beehive Beauties: Thank you for all your help and patience. Look forward to working with you again.