Challenge Course

Challenge Course

The WSU Outdoor Program Challenge Course provides an educational experience requiring a combination of creativity, physical involvement, teamwork skills and individual commitment. The course offers an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, resulting in a more effective team. A challenge program on the Outdoor Program Challenge Course can be tailored to benefit the mission of any group it serves.

This low-ropes challenge course consists of 13 different elements designed to create interactive challenges requiring cooperation on many levels. A minimum of 10 people must participate, with a maximum of 91 people (seven groups of 13). Each group experiences at least three elements of the course. Minimum time on the course is two hours, with a maximum of three hours.

Prices subject to change without notice.

WSU Challenge Course Rate
Individual Rate
(minimum 10 people)
$ 9.00

Reserve Challenge Course

To reserve the WSU Challenge Course for your conference, call 801-626-7285.

To reserve the WSU Challenge Course only, please contact the venue planner at 801-626-7904.

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