Shepherd Union Audio/Visual and Service Rates

Audio/Visual Rates - All rooms in the Shepherd Union include use of the following technology at no additional charge:

  • Laptop Computer with Microsoft Office Suite
  • CD/DVD player
  • Document Camera/Visualizer
  • LCD Screen or Projection
  • Mac connectors available on request

Service Rates - Rates are per hour or per event as designated, and are the same for public and nonprofit groups.

Services (per hour) Rates
After-Hours Building Manager $35.00
After-Hours Desk Attendant $25.00
After-Hours Building Charge $55.00
Technical Assistant $25.00
WSU Police Officer, 1st Officer $40.00
WSU Police Officer, Additional Officers $30.00
Excessive Cleanup, Per Custodian $50.00
Electrical $35.00
Interpreters for the Hearing Impaired $45.00 (with 3 days advance notice)
or $67.50 (within 3 days notice, weekends, before 8 a.m., and after 5 p.m.)
Services (per event) Rates
Wedding & Ceremony $1,200.00
Just Wedding OR Ceremony $800.00
Piano Tuning $75.00