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Standard Operating Procedures

  • No tape, nails or tacks of any kind are to be used on the walls, tables, floors, etc. If you need to hang items on the walls or tables, removable adhesive putty must be used.

  • Sound systems are only to be used with microphones or an mp3 player. No guitars, mixing boards, etc. are allowed to be plugged into the systems.

  • Furniture is to be moved by Union personnel only.

  • Only one sound system is to be used in the Atrium at a time.

  • Payment for room is required before room entry is allowed.

  • Rooms may be occupied only during their reserved times. Room usage exceeding the time reserved may be charged additional fees.

  • If having food you MUST order from Dining Services or fill out a Food Exception Form.

  • Police are required for any type of dance along with other various events. Weber State police must be used and will be arranged by the SEC office.

  • Vendors may not relocate. They are also responsible for any parking costs, including tickets for improper parking.

  • No parking is allowed at the loading dock.

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