Internship Information

All communication majors are required to complete an internship before they graduate. Internships allow you to work side by side with leading professionals in the field, gaining firsthand practical experience to refine what you have learned in the classroom. Internships also help you improve your professional skills.

You are required to complete 3 credits of internship. Each credit requires 60 hours of work, so you must work 180 hours at your internship. You may not take more than 3 credits in a single semester, but you may take 6 credits of Comm 4890 overall, allowing you to do more than one internship. You may also have several internships worth 1, 2, or 3 credits over several semesters, as long as you have a total of at least 3 credits, but no more than 6 credits.

Available Internships (

List of Places Communication students have had internships (includes type and compensation) (

Original listings of previous, expired internships posted on our webpage (

Finding an internship

Internships can be found through many different avenues. The Communication Department tries to help students find internships through these avenues, but ultimately students are responsible to find their own internship through:

  • Current and recent internships posted on our website above
  • Past internship sites (which you can contact to inquire about possibilities)
  • Career Services, which keeps a central listing for all academic departments
  • Your own networks of friends, family, and other students
  • "Cold Call" on organizations you wish to work for
  • An internship at your current job, if it will involve new projects related to your concentration and supervised by a professional in that area

Internships that develop communication skills taught in the classroom are suitable for communication students. Internships do not have to be directly in the career field you hope to work in once you graduate, although that is certainly ideal. You are required to apply communication theories and skills during the internship. Academic credit will not be awarded if you simply observe professionals at work or help the professionals by performing menial tasks, such as running errands and answering telephones.

Some internships are paid; others are not. We actively encourage for-profit organizations to pay interns at least a stipend, but that decision is negotiated between the employer and the student, not the Communication Department.

Here is a recent 2017 report on skills needed to land a top internship:  "Top 20 Fields for Internships

Notice that Marketing is #2.  Sales/Business Development is #4.  Media/Communications/PR is #5.  HR (including project management and customer service) is #11. Event Planning is #20.  

Here is another article with advice from past interns about finding an internship:

Registering for the internship course

You must be registered for COMM 4890. There are one-credit, two-credit, and three-credit sections. Although you must take three credits of COMM 4890, you may take one credit one semester and two credits another semester.

You must begin the internship hours during the semester you are registered. For example, you cannot complete your internship hours in the summer, but register for Comm 4890 fall semester. Internships cannot be rectroactive.

Once you have registered for Comm 4890, you have a year to complete it. Ideally, you should register for Comm 4890 before the beginning of the semester, but late registrations are permitted if you find the internship during the semester but had not registered for the course.

Some students already have an internship when they register for the course. Others register for the course one semester, but don't find an internship until the following semester. If that is the case, you will receive an Incomplete at the end of the semester you registered for the course. However, as soon as you complete the requirements, the Incomplete will turn into Credit. The Incomplete will not remain on your records, nor will it affect your GPA. (However, some scholarships will not accept an Incomplete, so check with the Financial Aid office to see if yours might be affected.)

When you have registered for the course, you will be sent an internship contract to complete when you find an internship.

After an internship is secured

Once you have found an internship, complete the internship contract, which will be signed by the person who will supervise you at that organization. Together you will list the duties and responsibilities of the internship. Only when the Internship Advisor receives the contract, can the internship be officially approved, based on whether it is applicable to your concentration and acceptable for academic credit.

You will then receive two packets, one for you and one for your supervisor. The packets include all the forms and instructions you need for your internship. Be sure to forward the packet for your internship supervisor to him or her. The forms included in the packet will need to be completed and returned to your Internship Advisor at your midway and final meetings. 

Comm 4890 (Internship) requirements

There is no internship "class"; you will meet with the internship coordinator twice, at your midway point and at the end of your internship, either face-to-face or by phone, as you submit the documents below:

  • Weekly log of what occurs during your internship (typed paragraphs documenting hours worked each week, tasks performed experiences gained, etc.)
  • Midway report completed (answer questions in the packet)
  • Final report completed (answer questions in the packet)
  • Midway evaluation from your supervisor (form in the packet)
  • Letter of reference from your supervisor (template in the packet)
  • Final survey from your employer about the internship
  • Final survey from you about your internship
  • A project you developed during your internship that can be scanned or linked to your e-portfolio in senior seminar (Examples of projects include videos, website designs, brochures, flyers, surveys, training programs, press releases, website articles written, pictures of events coordinate, etc.)


When all of the above requirements are complete, you will receive the grade of Credit. If the internship was not successfully completed, you will receive No Credit. If you are continuing your internship into the next semester, you receive Incomplete.

For More Information

Susan Hafen
Internship Advisor
EH 349, 801-626-8129