Alison Sunderland

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  • Alison Sunderland
  • Instructor of
    Computer Science


2015 - M.S. in Computer Science, University of Illinois at Springfield.
2011 - M.Ed. emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, Weber State University
1991 - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Weber State University

Current field of Study

My primary interest is in programming and software development. Since the explosion of mobile apps for everything from Navigation to Spider Solitaire (my favorite game) to Text Later, I started working on Android mobile app development. Recently, I have stretched my software development domain to include the fundamental study of networking and the Internet.

Biggest Accomplishment in CS

I was a professional programmer for 9 years with a local company. My first client as a lead programmer was Sprint PCS. I was the sole programmer on the program when it first started, but it grew very quickly. The program ended up with an entire team of dedicated developers in a dedicated building just for the one client. That means I can say “I knew them when…”

I spent two years developing curriculum for the programming emphasis in the Information Technology program at the Davis Applied Technology College. It was challenging and exciting to expand the course offerings to include additional languages, android and iOS mobile app development, software engineering, and home-automation using Arduino technology.

Something Interesting

“Eighth grade doesn't matter.” These are the famous last words of my wayward son when he was caught failing five of his eight classes. These words effectively launched me into a career in teaching. I sat with him in each of his classes the next day and then got a job at his school so I could “feed him applesauce at lunch” and show him how much school matters. He must have gotten the message because he earned his Associates degree the fall before he graduated from high school.