Student Teaching Forms & Application

Student Teaching Forms and Application:


Please be advised that you may not sign up for a student teaching interview until you have completed each item listed below.  Please bring a hard copy of applicable items (1-10) with you when you sign up for your interview time. Remember that if you miss the student teaching application deadline, you will be not be placed for student teaching until the following semester.




1.  Student Teaching Application (you must print your hard copy of the application before you choose to submit it). After your application has been submitted you must come into the Student Teaching Office and sign up for an interview.  Please bring your printed application and all other applicable, required documentation from the list below to sign up for an interview time.   An interview must be scheduled on or before the Student Teaching deadline.




      Please Note: The application also applies to the Master of Education Students completing their Practicum or Student Teaching.       




2.   Autobiography Maximum one page (4 copies).  This autobiography is an introduction to the Cooperating Teacher(s) and University Supervisor(s). The autobiography may include family background, education, work, travel, interests and talents highlighting skills that could be utilized in your teaching, and your reasons for choosing the teaching profession (not a resume.)   




3.     ESL Form (ESL Students Only).




4.     Support Course Requirement Form (Secondary Students only; not required for Master of Education Students).




5.     Student Teaching Reciprocity Form (For remote placement only).




6.   Verification Of Completion Forms


1.     Secondary Education Students Only (2 copies)


2.     MEd Student Teaching



7.     Student Teaching License    

8.  CatTracks Degree Evaluation

9.  Please print and bring with you a hard copy of the Student Teaching Guidebook when you sign up for an interview.

10. Praxis Test Results (if available at the time of application). Please be aware that effective January 1, 2011,  you must PASS the Praxis II exam in order to be recommended for licensure upon successful completion of student teaching.  It is strongly recommended that all Praxis II tests be taken and passed prior to student teaching.  You must  include a complete copy, including subtest scores, of your Praxis II results in your application packet.  For more information about the Praxis II exam click here


FYI: You need to register for the test approximately one month prior to the test date. It takes three to four weeks before the results will be available to you. Once you have your results bring a copy to the Teacher Education Advisement Center, room ED 230.