Course Requirements

You earn a Bachelor  of Science degree in this program. Refer to the WSU Course Catalog for course descriptions.

A total of 120 credit hours is required for graduation, a minimum of 48 is required within the major. A total of 40 upper-division credit hours is required (courses numbered 3000 and above); 33 are required within the major. The Child and Family Studies Department will only accept 2 transfer courses for the major/minor.

Pre-Professional Core Semester Requirements (12 credit hours)

  • CHF 1400 Marriage as an Interpersonal Process 3
  • CHF SS1500 Human Development 3
  • CHF 2100 Family Resource Management 3
  • CHF 2400 Family Relations 3

The course sequence is designed to allow a Family Studies major to meet all program prerequisites and complete the program in three full-time semesters without conflicting class schedule. Taking classes outside of the stated semester will delay graduation.

Professional Core Course Requirements (36 credit hours)
Semester 1

  • CHF 2990B Seminar in Family Studies 3
  • CHF 4500 Comparative Study of Childhood & Adolescent Development 3
  • CHF SI 3850 Current Research Methods in Child & Family Studies  3
  • HLTH  3500 Human Sexuality 3

Semester 2

  • CHF 3350 Diverse Families 3
  • CHF 3450 Adult Development 3
  • CHF 3550 Parenting Education 3
  • CHF 3650 Family Processes 3

Semester 3

  • CHF 4400 The Family in Stress 3
  • CHF 4650 Family Life Education Methods 3
  • CHF 4860 Practicum 3
  • CHF 4990B Senior Seminar in Family Studies 3

Students who are planning to apply to a graduate program are strongly encourages to take a statistics course. See the Child and Family Studies department academic advisor for a list of appropriate classes.

General Requirements

Refer to general requirements for the Bachelor of Science  degree.  MATH 1030 or higher is needed for this major.

Minor Requirements

A minor or emphasis is required. In lieu of a minor, an emphasis  of 12-18 semester hours may be substituted as approved by your faculty advisor. 

Most students combine their Family Studies major with either a minor or a dual major. Consult with an advisor when designing a dual major. Minors can include any minor from departments across campus. Typical minors include psychology, sociology, gerontology, social work emphasis, communication and/or business.

You should design your minor to best support your personal goals or career direction.

Grade Requirements

Maintain a grade of "B-" or above in courses required for this major in catalogs prior to 2005-2006.  Maintain a grade of "C" or above in courses required for this major in 2005-2006 catalog. If you do not meet the minimum grade requirement for an individual family studies course, you may repeat that course one time before being excluded from the Family Studies program. In special circumstances, by the judgment of the department chair, the student may petition to the Family studies or Early Childhood Committee, as appropriate, to graduate  with the lower grade.

NOTE: All listed requirements are subject to change. Always consult an advisor for current requirements.

Updated 5-14-2012