Course Requirements

Refer to the WSU Course Catalog for course descriptions.

General Education Requirements
(18 credit hours)

  • English 1010 and 2010 6
  • Math 1030 or higher 3
  • Humanities/Creative Arts 3 -  HU1020 recommended
  • Social Science  3 - CHF 1500 recommended*
  • Physical/Life Science 3

* CHF SS 1500 (Human Development) will satisfy a general education requirement and is prerequisite to most major courses.

Child and Family Studies Course Requirements
(minimum of 28 credit hours)

  • CHF SS 1500 Human Development 3
  • CHF  2400 Family Relations 3
  • CHF  2500 Development of the Child: Birth to Eight 3
  • CHF  2600 Introduction to Early Childhood 3 
  • CHF  2610 Guidance Based on Developmental Theory 3
  • CHF  2620 Planning Creative Experiences for Young Children 3
  • CHF  2860* Practicum 4-6 (3 credit hours required)
  • CHF 2890 - Cooperative Work Experience Credits: (1-6) (3 credit hours required)
  • CHF  2990A* Seminar in Child Development 1

Elective Courses
(minimum 18 credit hours)

Select 18 additional credit hours with the approval of an advisor. Select courses across colleges to enhance teaching competency. Some suggested areas of study are art, science, literature, music, health and first aid, etc.  The Child and Family Studies Department will accept only 2 transfer course for major/minor.

Advisors will suggest specific appropriate courses. You should work closely with an advisor if you are planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in early childhood or teaching certification.

Grade Requirements for AAS Degree
Maintain an overall GPA of 2.50 or "B-"

Credit Hour Requirements for AAS Degree

A total of 63 credit hours is required for graduation; 28 of these are required within the major.  See the general education requirements for more information.

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Course Requirements