Course Requirements

 General Requirements

Refer to general requirements for a bachelor's degree in the WSU Course Catalog.

Concentration Course Requirements for BIS Degree
(54 credit hours)

  • A minimum of 18 credit hours each from three different academic departments or recognized disciplines (two of which must offer upper-division credit) as approved by the BIS Admissions Committee beyond the classes that fulfill general education requirements.
  • HNRS 4990 (Honors Senior Project)
  • Department of Child and Family Studies courses for the BIS emphasis are listed below. Refer to the WSU Course Catalog for course descriptions.

Required Department of Child and Family Studies Courses
(9 credit hours)

  • CHF 1400 Marriage as an Interpersonal Process        3 credits
  • CHF SS 1500 Human Development       3  credits
  • CHF 2400 Family Relations       3  credits

Elective Courses
(minimum 9 credit hours in which 6 credits must be upper division)

Determine your elective courses in conference with the CHF Academic Advisor, Darcy Gregg.

Note: All requirements are subject to change. Always consult an advisor for current requirements.

Updated 08-26-2015




Course Requirements