Bachelor of Integrated Studies

Why choose Bachelor of Integrated Studies at WSU?

If you want to ...

  • individualize a unique academic program
  • obtain a broad, liberal education
  • diversify your professional potential
  • include a focus on families

... then a Bachelor of Integrated Studies program is for you.

What are the employment opportunities?

This degree offers a wide range of options for employment, depending on the three areas of expertise/focus you select.

What are starting salaries of graduates?

Pay depends on the education you attain and the type of program you work for.  Average entry-level salary ranges    for students with bachelor’s degrees vary from $25,000 to about    $35,000.

What will I learn in the program?

You will acquire a respect for diversity and the ability to create environments that enhance the lives and healthy development of children, adults and families over the life span. Addressing the holistic needs of children and their families, the curriculum provides you with a thorough understanding of family relations, child growth and development, interpersonal relations, resource management and family finance.




Course Requirements