Students Preparing For Graduation

You will need to apply for graduation the semester you are planning on graduating.  If your major is Elementary Education, Special Education and/or your minor is English as a Second Language (ESL) you will need to be cleared through the Teacher Education Department.  Please contact us at the beginning of the semester you plan to graduate to set up an appointment. 

If you are majoring in Early Childhood Education, you will want to contact Darcy Gregg at 626-6411. 

If you are majoring in a secondary teaching area and getting a license in Secondary Education, please contact your content department(s) for clearance (see additional link below). 
Approximate Application Deadlines:
  • Early October for Fall Semester Graduates
  • February for Spring Semester Graduates
  • July for Summer Semester Graduates
Please visit the University Graduation Office website for more information. 

Register with Career Services to create your Teacher Credential File to assist you with your job search.

Please visit the Applying for USOE Licensure page for instructions on applying for a Utah State License. Please note that you may only be recommended for licensure in the state for five (5) years after completing a teacher preparation program.  After that time, additional coursework and student teaching requirements will be required.