Secondary Education Senior Project

Weber State University Teacher Education Department

Secondary Professional Core Level

Criteria for Senior Project Approval and Completion

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As an advanced standing student, the senior project allows the student teacher to bring professional expertise, dispositions and interests to bear on real situations outside of the student teaching experience.  Typically, students choose projects in one of three categories of professional endeavor: teaching, service, or research. Student teachers may choose to: compile instructional materials, develop curriculum, develop presentations using technology, provide a community service, complete action research, or another activity that requires personal and professional skills.  To receive credit for the senior project, complete the following:


  1. Project Proposal.  Obtain written approval for the project from the designated instructor before beginning the project. The following criteria must be met for a project to be approved.        


A.  Projects that student teachers begin within six months of the start of the student teaching may be considered for approval. Projects begun earlier do not reflect the full scope of students’ professional development. The senior project can also be completed during the student teaching



B.  Activities for which the student teacher is paid, are not eligible for approval.  


C.  The senior project must be independent of the student teaching assignment. That is, it must be different from anything required as part of regular student teaching. For example, curriculum a student teacher would write for the student teaching classes is not eligible. However, the project

may parallel the student teaching experience, such as developing and collecting materials to support future teaching experiences.      


D.  Senior projects completed in the Department of Fine Arts/Music (Senior Recital or Art Show) receive automatic approval.  These may be used or choose another idea.


The Department of History ‘s senior research may be approved, if the following conditions are


1) a scholarly/professional presentation is made to students, faculty, and other interested parties;

2) advertisement of the “history presentation”;

3) 3 research projects may be presented together;

4) multimedia is recommended. 


The Department of Science has numerous opportunities for senior projects. See Dr. Adam Johnston for information.


All other departmental senior projects are reviewed for their connection to the student’s development as an educator.


E.  Projects must take at least 30 hours to complete.


F.  Approval signatures are required from the Community Collaborator or Other faculty and the designated Teacher Ed. faculty.


2.  Project Log.  Document time spent, and activity:  date, amount of time, and one or two sentences reflecting on the activity of the day.


3.  Reflection Paper. Report on the outcomes of your project. Use only one double-spaced page. 


4.  Oral summary.  Present a five- to ten-minute presentation (celebration) of your project during the Senior Synthesis (EDUC 4960) at the end of the semester.  The presentation must include some visual representation of the project (video, photos, actual project materials, etc.)          


*Submit items 2-3 at the time of your oral presentation.


Some examples of senior projects that have been done are:

tutoring; coaching; reading more books in your content and lesson planning for them so you can use them in your teaching or submitting a book review to UCIRA journal; creating an exercise program for a senior care center and teaching it; teaching extra classes in an area of expertise; creating an art piece and donating it; advising a group; after school activities; competitions; judging; assisting a teacher with a production, etc.