The Child and Family Studies department offers various scholarships as funds are available each year.  Past scholarships have been:

  • Lydia Tanner Scholarship
  • Richard and Elaine Bird Scholarship
  • Melba S. Lehner Scholarship
  • Larue Beardall Scholarship
  • Genevieve Wise Dean's Excellence Scholarship
  • Russell Family Schoarship
  • Academic Tuition Waivers
  • Child and Family Studies Student Association Scholarship
  • Bergeson & Knowles Family Scholarship
  • WSU Bookstore/Award Scholarship

To be eligible for a Child and Family Studies departmental scholarships, you must fill out the WSU Scholarship Application on-line, be a declared Child and Families Studies student (see Declaring a Major/Minor), and meet the qualifications for each specific scholarship.

Students are notified through their WSU student email account about Child and Family Studies scholarships and will be asked to complete an additional department application.

Applications can be downloaded using Adobe (see Applications to the right) or picked up in ED204 or ED248. Application must be complete,  reference letters received, to be considered. Applications must be submitted to ED204 or ED248 by the deadline date.

Scholarship Office Link


Last updated 3-3-2016


Sallie Mae Scholarship
Due March 28, 2016

Melba S. Lehner Scholarship 
Due March 21, 2016 by 4PM

Russell Family Scholarship

Genevieve Wise Dean's Excellence Scholarship
Due March 21, 2016 by 4PM