PRIME Program

Project PRIME (Preparing Research-based Inclusive Multidisciplinary Educators) is an innovative, alternative program specifically designed to accommodate non-traditional participants who have a bachelors degree and who are currently working in a Utah public  school or charter as a teacher on an emergency Letter of Authorization or as a paraprofessional with students with mild-to-moderate disabilities.

We are pleased to announce that our grant has been renewed through June 30, 2016.  Funding is provided through IDEA funds from the Utah State Office of Education.

Contact Information: Dr. Jack
Mayhew, Weber State University Department of Teacher Education.


Telephone: 801-626-6268 (office); 435-640-3641 (cell)

The major objectives of Project PRIME are:

1.     Recruit cohorts of paraprofessionals and teachers working on emergency Letters of Authorization who serve students with mild-moderate high-incidence disabilities in Northern Utah. Special effort will be made to recruit individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups, including culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and individuals with disabilities.

2.     Expand outreach capabilities of the Weber State University Special Education Licensure Program by:

a.     Development of courses to be delivered through distance education technologies (e.g., online, hybrid).

b.     Development of off-campus cohorts.

c.     Recruitment of a cadre of mentors to support off-campus students.

3.     Deliver program coursework and provide summer professional development workshops for educators and paraprofessionals in the use of research-validated instructional practices, and support to parents and families of individuals with high-incidence disabilities

5.     Evaluate the effectiveness of the project and disseminate the results at state and national conferences.