Meeting with an Advisor

Prior to meeting with an advisor, please do the following and bring all information with you to your scheduled appointment.  To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please call the advisement center at 801-626-7694. Remember to bring your picture ID.

 1) If you are still completing your general education requirements, please download your Required General Education Course List  based on your catalog year. This will give you the Core Requirements and the Breadth Requirements.  Print out a copy of  using the printable version (pdf) link on the right side of the page. 

2) Print out a copy of your degree evaluation from CatTracks. This is on the student services tab of  your eWeber portal. Choose the CatTrack Degree Evaluation and Planning Tool link.  If your degree is not listed correctly, choose the "What-If" analysis tool and print that version of the degree evaluation.

3) Declare your major through your teaching major department.  This doesn't have to be completed prior to meeting with an advisor. 

  • Associates of Science (AS) in Pre-Education,
  • Elementary Education and Special Education majors declare with the Teacher Education Department
  • Early Childhood majors declare with the Child and Family Studies Department
  • Secondary majors declare with your individual content areas.  Please see the Secondary Education Contact Names for more information.