Applying for USOE Licensure

In order to obtain a license to teach in the state of Utah, graduates of teacher education programs must be recommended by their institution.  Please complete the necessary steps below and submit all paperwork to the licensure specialist in the advisement center. 

1) Download and complete the Licensure Checklist for your teaching program:

Follow the instructions on the checklist for completing the licensure application process. Keep a copy of all the paperwork you have submitted.

Below is information you may need to complete the checklist

  • Official transcripts are required if the Bachelors degree was obtained at an institution other than Weber State University.  Please contact the institution where you earned your degree to have the official transcripts forwarded for licensing purposes. 
  • Official Transcript Request form for Weber State University transcripts- Masters and licensing only students. 
  • Licensure Testing Update- June 2014

Once all paperwork and transcripts with posted degrees are received, the teacher education licensure specialist will send an email to your WSU student email account advising you about completing the licensure process. 

Graduates who do not already hold a Utah teaching license will need to complete the on-line licensing procedure through the Utah State Office of Education within 30 days of being notified by WSU. From the website, select the University Recommendations tab to apply and pay ($40) for your license.  Be sure to update your address and email if necessary. Once finished, you will immediately be able to print a copy of your license and be sure to save a copy on your computer or flash drive. Please note, you will not be mailed a copy from the State Office of Education.  If you are unable to complete the on-line procedure, contact the WSU teacher education licensure specialist. Natalie Struhs.  You will not hold a Utah license until you complete the online process!

Procedures for Adding Licensure Areas

The following information is for students who already hold a Utah teaching license and are adding an additional license through completion of a teacher education program.

Complete the USOE licensure application

Master's licensure track and Special Education Prime students who are completing a licensure program, but already hold a Utah teaching license: USOE Licensure Application  Complete ONLY the Applicant information at the top. 

Submit your paperwork to the licensure specialist and a submit a check made payable to USOE in the amount of $55 along with your licensure application documents.

Once all your paperwork and transcripts have been processed, you will be notified by the licensure specialist that your application has been sent to the state office.  Your license will be mailed to you by USOE in approximately 6 weeks.