Elementary Level 3


 In Level 3, candidates will have the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge learned in all previous levels and support courses during both the university class time and during an extensive 5 week field experience. Candidates will use the Teacher Work Sample model to develop, organize, implement, and reflect upon instruction. 



Level 3 consist of (4) content method classes:

  • Educ 4300 Elementary Mathematics Methods
  • Educ 4320 Elementary Language Arts Methods
  • Educ 4330 Elementary Science Methods
  • Educ 4340 Elementary Art/Music Methods  

Candidates will be introduced to strategies and methods for teaching ALL students in these classes.


Field Experience

Candidates spend about 3 hours, 5 days per week for 5 weeks in a WSU partner school. The field experience builds on the previous two levels focusing on refining teaching skills prior to the student teaching semester.  During the field experience the candidates will teach lessons in mathematics,language arts, science, art and music.  All lesson plans will be designed around the state core curriculum.

Partner Schools

    Heritage Elementary                   Horace Mann Elementary 

    James Madison Elementary        Odyssey Elementary                  

    Polk Elementary                         Shadow Valley Elementary 

    T.O. Smith Elementary               Taylor Canyon Elementary


    Wasatch Elementary




Math: Dr. Kristin Hadley  (x 8654) kristinhadley@weber.edu         website
Language Arts: Dr.Paul Pitts  (x 6624) ppitts@weber.edu website
Science: Dr. Richard Pontius (x 7505) rpontius@weber.edu website
Music: Dr. Vincent Bates (x 7222) vincentbates@weber.edu website
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