Guidelines for Service Project for Graduation

The service project is a self-selected project designed to enhance the overall objectives of the teacher education program. It allows you to bring your educational and professional expertise and interest to bear on a real situation outside of your coursework. Each project requires 30 hours of service. The hours do not have to be spent in the public school system, but must benefit students K-6. Early Childhood students are exempt from the Service Project because of their extra semester of student teaching in the Children’s School but still report during Senior Synthesis on their work in the Children's School.

When selecting a Service Project for Graduation, keep in mind the following criteria:

•The project should be an education-related service to individuals or organizations impacting children K-6 grades.

•The project should extend or enhance some of the skills developed while in the Teacher Education program. 

•The project should not be a repeat of something previously done.


Steps to Complete the Service Project for Graduation:

1. Determine what you will do for your service project [if you need help finding a project contact the Community Involvement Center (CIC) at (801) 626-7737 or stop by their office in Shepherd Union Building, Room 327].

2. Register with Community Involvement Center at

3. Print out your confirmation e-mail indicating you have registered with CIC

4. Complete Service Project for Graduation Contract and obtain required signatures.  Please have your confirmation of registration with CIC attached to your contract BEFORE you come to a Teacher Education faculty member for signature. When you get your Project Sponsor signature, give your sponsor the Memo to Project Sponsors.

5. Do your project and complete your Service Project Log.   When you complete your project, totalthe number of hours spent on the entire project. Have the project sponsor sign the Service Project Log and the Service Project for Graduation Contract and write comments.  Go to the CIC in the Shepherd Union Building (Room 327) and have a CIC staff sign your Service Project Log and record in their system your service hours. 

6. Keep the Service Project for Graduation Contract and your Service Project Log in a safe place until Senior Synthesis.  You will need these two documents during Senior Synthesis.

7. Write a one-page summary.  Include what you did and reflect on how your service enhanced your professional growth.  You will need this document during Senior Synthesis.

8. During Senior Synthesis present a five-minute summary of your project. This presentation must include a visual representation of the project (video, photos, PowerPoint, actual project materials, etc.).  Make sure if you use pictures that identify the student that you include a signed parent permission form.

9. On the day you present your service project in Senior Synthesis, submit to the instructor the following documentation: Service Project for Graduation Contract, Service Project Log, and the one-page summary.