Teacher Education Degrees and Licensure Programs

Associates of Science in Pre-Education 

Elementary Education Major (K-6) (Admitted Students Levels 2-4)

  • Click here for a sample four-year schedule of required classes, including the additional courses for a Elementary/Early Childhood double major.

Elementary Education Major (K-6 track)(1-8 track) New Curriculum 2013-2014.

Special Education Major
 (Admitted Students Completing Pre Student Teaching and Student TEaching) - This major will prepare you to teach in special education grades K - 12.  You may also access specific information regarding course availability, etc. by going to http://weber.edu/specialed

  • Click here for a sample four-year schedule of required classes. 
Special Education Major New Curriculum 2013-2014.        

Early Childhood Education Major - This  major will prepare you to teach in programs which serve children from infancy through third grade.  (grades pre-K - 3)

Secondary Education Licensure - PRE- FALL 2013.  

All Secondary Education Students select a teaching major and a teaching minor or a composite teaching major in the subject area(s) they plan on teaching in the junior high/middle schools and high schools (grades 6 - 12).

Secondary Education New Curriculum 2013-2014

  • Click here for a list of secondary education advisor contact names.
  • Click here if you want a sample four-year schedule of required classes---students who began professional education courses BEFORE Fall 2013 only.

English As A Second Language Endorsement

Dual Language Endorsement

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