Teachers of Tomorrow

Teachers of Tomorrow: An Effective Teacher Pipeline in Northern Utah

In an ongoing effort to bridge students from high school to the point of application to the Teacher Education Program; the Student Success Alliance Recruitment Committee has created a teacher pipeline for students pursuing degrees from the Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education at Weber State University.  Thestudents are involved beginning their Junior or Senior year in high school and participate in the Concurrent Enrollment EDUC 1010 "Exploring Teaching" as well as the Future Educators Association (FEA).  The Moyes College of Education hosts conferences in the fall and spring semesters at WSU so that students have additional opportunities to connect to other students, the University, as well as to participate in a variety of workshops and competitions.  After students graduate they have the opportunity to participate in the "Project Launch: Future Educators Academy" or as our students fondly refer to it as "teacher camp."  This is four-five day on campus experience that jumps the students into an EDUC 2920 "Workshops& Seminars" course that follows them through their first semester at the University and allows for the guided involvement in the University FEA-Professional chapter. 

Weber State University is one of only about a dozen Universities in the entire country that has a Future Educators Professional program coupled with a teacher pipeline program.  The program here at WSU began in the spring semester of 2008.  Our first group of students to participate in all aspects of the pipeline (EDUC 1010, WSU  FEA Conferences,Project Launch, EDUC 2920, and FEA-Pro) became freshman students for the fall semester of 2009.  This pipeline pilot group consists of 25 students who participated in Project Launch (thereare many other students however, that the Moyes College of Education works with coming from the Teachers of Tomorrow Program) and are now active members in the FEA-Pro Chapter. 

Highlights of the program:

·     EDUC 1010course allows for students interested in Education to learn the ins and outs of the field and gives them the opportunity to spend time doing classroom observations at each level.  This is important to students coming to WSU because students cannot apply to the Teacher Education program until all of their general education requirements and prerequisite coursework is completed (this can take two years).  Students who have taken EDUC 1010 know what it will take to become a teacher before they ever start the Teacher Education Program.   EDUC 1010 is now a prerequisite for the Teacher Education program and all applicants must take the course.

·     EDUC 2920allows for students to have a connection point to the University and continued involvement with faculty and staff in the College of Education (that they normally would not have worked with until they apply to the T.Ed program).  Through various workshops, guest speakers, and FEA service projects the students are given a social environment that encourages their continued interest in Education fields.  Not to mention, support from professionals on campus who make sure that students can troubleshoot any problems that they may have as new freshman.


·     FEA-Professional allows for age/study-appropriate professional development and scholarship opportunities as students go through their college careers. 


·     ProjectLaunch is a week-long, on-campus “Teacher Camp” to bridge students from High School into the College of Education.

If you have any questions about the Teachers of Tomorrow Program please contact Kristin Radulovich at kradulovich@weber.edu.