Planning Resources

There are many websites to help teachers plan lessons aligned to the mathematics core. Here are a few of the available resources.

EduCore: Tools for Teaching the Common Core (


• When you click on Math Tools, you will find a collection of resources including sample lessons with rich mathematical tasks, videos, and articles.
This site has links to Common Core videos, institutes, books, and webinars.

Inside Mathematics (


• Tools for Educators: This section has tasks and assessments aligned with the core. When you click on Tasks and Assessments Aligned with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics there are videos, exemplary lessons, tasks, and assessments. There are also Problems of the Month and other tools for coaches and principals.
• Classroom Video Visits: This section has public lessons and number talks for teachers to view.

Illustrative Mathematics (


• The K-8 or High School Standards sections have links to specific core standards. If you click on the grade level and the standard, then show all, you will get the standards that have been illustrated. The illustrations are tasks or lessons for the standard. When you click on “see illustrations”, specific tasks for each standard pop up with direct link or a PDF.
• The Practice Standards section has videos illustrating the practices in the classroom.

Achieve the Core (


• Steal these tools. This section describes the shift that teachers need to make to teach the core standards. Toward the bottom of the page are some criteria for the selection of materials aligned to the core. 

Mathematics Assessment Project (


• The MAP website has lessons, tasks, and tests to help teachers with implementing the core.

Teaching Channel (


• The Math section in the left navigation bar has many classroom videos showing teachers implementing the core.

EngageNY (


• Common Core Curriculum & Assessments has many resources for implementation including videos, assessment items, and curriculum modules.

Smarter Balanced (


• Hover over Smarter Balanced Assessments to select Sample Items and Performance Tasks. Explore the sample items and performance tasks.

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (


• Select Item and Task Prototypes and then select the Sample tems for your grade from the left navigation bar. 

Mathematical Practices Posters (

These posters about the mathematical practices are for 6th grade but may be helpful for middle school teachers.

If you have found some other great resources, please contact us so we can share it on this page.