Nu TtiM is an effort to transform mathematics instruction in northern Utah and assist teachers in preparing Utah students for college level mathematics work. Transforming instruction is a difficult process, especially when teachers may not have experienced or observed conceptually driven mathematics instruction. Hence a cadre of teachers has recorded their instruction (Mathematical Practices videos) to aid teachers in being able to see the types of instructional changes that are describe in the core curriculum. Additionally, to aid teachers in preserving and honing student computation and application skills, skills-based repeatable assessments are provided. Additional resources for lesson planning including rich mathematical tasks are also described and linked. Additional resources will be added over time. Contact us to contribute or comment.

Standards of Mathematical Practice

Descriptions, videos, and PLC guides for each mathematical practice


7th and 8th grade mathematical skill assessments linked to the core curriculum and AccuPlacer skills

Planning Resources

Lesson planning resources including rich mathematical tasks