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FEA - A Classroom is waiting…

(The following is from www.futureeducators.org)

            The mission of the Future Educators Association (FEA) is to foster the recruitment and development of prospective educators worldwide through the dissemination of innovative programming and relevant research.  FEA is a not-for-profit organization sponsored by PDK International that has continuously assisted students in exploring careers in education for many ears.  The association has 1,200 chapters that serve as local headquarters for more than 20,000 members across the United States, Canada, England, Germany, Italy,Japan, and Turkey.

            Originally known as Future Teachers of America, this program was once sponsored by the National Education Association and then the Association of Teacher Educators.  During this time, it was renamed the Future Educators of America.  In 1994, sponsorship shifted to PDK International.  To more accurately reflect the international nature of the organization, PDK changed the name to Future Educators Association in 2005.

            Through efforts to provide students with the most relevant opportunities to investigate what it means to be a teacher, FEA offers two distinct programs for prospective educators: a pre-collegiate level, referred to as FEA, and a collegiate level,known as FEA Professional.  The association is unique in its ability to offer students unparalleled, age-appropriate professional development opportunities, including an annual conference and access to a state-of-the-art FEA social networking website.  Through hands-on career exploration opportunities, FEA allows members to assume leadership roles and develop professional skill sets that will serve them throughout their careers.  The association also connects students with chances to earn scholarship grants through PDK International.

            The FEA program not only benefits its members but also has long-lasting, positive impact on our nation’s school systems. By attracting exemplary candidates to the teaching profession,especially those from diverse cultural and ethic backgrounds, FEA will directly influence an increase in qualified teachers.  The work of FEA will elevate the image of teaching andpromote it as a challenging and rewarding career.

            This is a dynamic and exciting program that is simple and relatively inexpensive to implement.  By joining today, you can help cultivate the next generation of great educators.

If you are interested in joining the FEA-Professional chapter at Weber State University, fill out the application and take it to the McKay Education Building room 220. If you have any questions contact our Advisor, Dale E. Payne at 801-626-6007 or email him at dalepayne@weber.edu.