2014-2015 Moyes College Of Education Committee Assignments

College Curriculum Committee

Geri Conlin, Chair - HPHP (2015)
Teri Henke, Chair-Elect - CHF (2017)
Mark Adams - CHF (2018)
Shirley Dawson - TED (2017)
Nadia Wrosch – TED (2018)
Matt Denning - (fall semester 2014) for Cass Morgan - HPHP (2016)

2014-2015 College Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee
Penee Stewart, TED
Linda Gowans, TED
Joan Thompson, HPHP - Chair
Mike Olpin, HPHP
Forrest Crawford, TED
Charles Davidson, Outside
Alicia Giralt, Outside


Moyes Academic Support and Technology Endowment Committee (ASTEC)
Jenn Ostrowski, Co-Chair - HPHP
Pam Payne, Co-Chair - CHF
Gina Shelley - TED

Patrick Leytham - TED
Chad Smith - HPHP
Sheila Anderson - CHF
Paul Dykman (Advisory)

University Council on Teacher Education (UCTE)
Allyson Saunders - College of Applied Science & Technology/ Telecom & Bus. Ed (6/1/2017)
Shannon Butler - College of Arts & Humanities/ Foreign Language (6/1/2016)
John Trimble - College of Arts & Humanities/Visual Arts (6/1/2017)
Rachel Bachman - College of Science/ Mathematics (6/1/2017)
Jennifer Claesgen - College of Science/Physics (6/1/2017)
Rob Reynolds - College of Social & Behavioral Science/ Geography (6/1/2017)
LaRae Larkin - College of Social & Behavioral Science/ SS Ed Center (6/1/2017)
Louise Moulding - Moyes College of Education/ Teacher Ed (6/1/2017)
Chad Smith - Moyes College of Education/HPHP (6/1/2017)
David Byrd - Moyes College of Education/ Teacher Ed (6/1/2016)
Carson Smith - WSU Education Senator (6/1/2015)
Kristin Hadley - Moyes College of Education/ Teacher Ed (Ex-Officio)
Jack Rasmussen - Dean, Moyes College of Education - Ex Officio (Ex-Officio)
Natalie Struhs - Moyes College of Education- UCTE Assistant (Ex-Officio)


Tenure Document Ethics Section Revision Committee (Ad-Hoc)
Paul Schvaneveldt, CHF, Chair
Chloe D. Merrill, CHF
Jennifer Turley, HPHP
Valerie Herzog, HPHP
Kristin Hadley , TED
Mike Cena, TED



Faculty Senate Officers 2014-2015
Chris Eisenbarth, HPHP (2012-2015)
Jennifer Ostrowski, HPHP - at large (2014-2017)
Carrie Ota, CHF (2013-2016)
Clay Rasmussen, TED (2013-2016)

2014-2015 University Ranking Tenure Evaluation Members
Jennifer Turley (Representative)
Paul Schvaneveldt (Alternate)

Student Due Process Hearing Officers/Committee
Mark Adams (2016)
Sheryl J. Rushton (2016)
Chad Smith (2015)
Vincent Bates (2015)

ARCC Representatives
Matt Donahue, ED
James Zagrodnik, ED

Admissions, Standards And Student Affairs Committee
Geri Conlin, ED

Appointment, Promotion, Academic?Freedom, And Tenure Committee
Laura Santurri, ED

Constitutional Review, Apportionment, And Organization Committee 
Melina Alexander, ED

Brian McGladery, ED

University Curriculum Committee
Penee Stewart, ED

Environmental Issues Committee
Cass Morgan, ED
Natalie Williams, ED

Faculty Board Of Review
Paul Schvaneveldt, ED

General Education Improvement? And Assessment Committee
Joan Thompson, ED

Research, Scholarship and Professional Growth Committee
Chris Eisenbarth, ED
Rod Hansen, ED

Salary, Benefits, Budget, And ?Fiscal Planning Committee
Molly Smith, ED

Teaching, Learning And Assessment Committee 
Vincent Bates, ED
Pamela Payne, ED

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Matthew Donahue, HPHP, Chair
Linda Gowans, ED, Sub-committee Chair
Richard Pontius, TED, Member
Rodney Hansen, HPHP,

Northwest Accreditation Committee Representative
Valerie Herzog
Paul Schvaneveldt

University Graduate Placement Data Committee Representative 
Chloe D. Merrill 
University Planning Council Representative
Linda Gowans (2015)

University Program Review Representative
Carrie Ota

University Course Fee Committee Representatives
Clay Rasmussen (2015)

University Program Committee

Daniel Hubler (2015)