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The Parson Construction Management Technology Program is accredited through

American Council for Construction Education

Public Information Requirements of ACCE Document 103 Section VIII
The following information regarding how the Parson Construction Management Technology Program measures the quality of our program is being provided to the public, as required by American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

The Parson Construction Management Technology Program uses the Associate Constructor (AC) Level 1 exam given by the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) and the Constructor Certification Commission to measure the program outcomes and requires all students to score a 192 of 300 on the exam to graduate. This exam provides an independent measure of our program outcomes that can be compared nationally. The AC exam measures student competency in the following the areas: communication skills; engineering concepts; management concepts; materials, methods, and project modeling and visualization (formerly materials, methods, and plan reading); bidding and estimating; budgeting, costs, and cost control; planning, scheduling, and schedule control (formerly planning, scheduling, and control); construction safety; construction geomatics (formerly surveying and project layout); and project administration. The program’s goal is to maintain the program’s average score above both the minimum passing score and the national average for all ten categories each time the exam is given. The exam is given twice a year in the spring and the fall. More information on the AC exam can be found at the American Institute of Constructors website.  

In addition to using the AC exam, we have established standardized course outcomes for each of the classes in the construction management program. We began measuring outcomes for some of these classes during the 2011-2012 school year and these outcomes will be posted to the ACCE Accreditation/Public Information web page when they have been finalized in the fall.
We also perform one-on-one interviews with graduating students as part of senior project. This feedback from the students is used to guide the direction of the program. This feedback was used in the recent review of two feeder programs housed as Salt Lake Community College. In conjunction with these interviews we collect employment data for our graduating seniors, which can be found on this web page. 



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Construction management employment data can be found here.

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