D. Wade Mack Professional Development

D. Wade Mack has given a generous gift through the Edith Dee Mack Green charitable foundation. All full-time and part-time faculty from the college are eligible to receive D. Wade Mack Fellowships. While a range of activities may be considered for funding, preference will be given to requests for assistance in earning a doctoral degree or pursuing postdoctoral education. Funding will go towards tuition, fees, and books.

Note:  Awards will be made based on current funding available. Maximum award for any individual is $4,000 per academic year.  Maximum total award for any individual is: 

  • Masters degree $10,000
  • Doctoral degree $20,000 
  • Lifetime cumulative award limit is $20,000

Part-time faculty are limited to a maximum of half of the amounts listed above.  


Policies & Procedures



D. Wade Mack Application

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