For those of you who involved in faculty and/or student research, the following is a check list to use when preparing your IRB application. By having your application complete, the review process will proceed much quicker and requests for additional information will not be needed. If your application is complete, the committee will review the documents within three to four working days. If submitted the last week of the semester, or in between semesters, the review may take longer.

  • Investigator’s statement of assurance signed by PI (principle investigator), see page 1 of application.
    • This is always the faculty, not a student.
    • Please note that the PI must be the one to submit the IRB, not a student.
  • Signature page, see page 2 of application.
    • Signed by PI, student researcher(s), and department chair.
  • Completed application form with answers to each of the 15 questions, which includes a description of the study.
  • Informed consent form, if applicable.
  • Copy of all surveys, interview questions, and instruments to be used for your project.
  • Copy of all advertising (fliers, poster, drafts of classified ads, etc), if applicable.
  • If an outside hospital or company is involved, you must first obtain approval from the hospital/company Institutional Review Board and include that approval letter with your WSU IRB application.
  • Copy of current IRB computer-based training course certificates for all principal investigators, co-principle investigators, and student researchers. Certificates expire after three years..
  • Do not include IRB instructions. See page 3, 4, and first paragraph on page 5.
Once your application is complete,
  • Email a PDF signed copy to Scott Wright (swright@weber.edu).
  • Deliver a hard copy or send through campus mail to Scott Wright (MLS Department, MH 205 or mail code 3905).
For additional information see the WSU IRB web site.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Scott Wright, ext 6716.


Scott Wright - MLS (chair)
Joyce Barra - NUR
Matt Nicholaou - MLS
Curtis DeFriez - HS
Carla Wiggins - HAS
Diane Kawamura - RAD

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