Kimberly Clark



I compete in the "Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, or the CMSA." We ride our horses as fast as they can run through a pattern of ten balloon-targets.  We shoot the balloons with two .45 single action revolvers with specially-prepared black powder blank ammunition that will pop the balloons up to, but not further than, 20 feet away. The first five balloons are a different color than the last five, so we shoot the first five with one of our pistols, holster it, draw the second gun, and shoot the last five balloons. Each missed balloon adds five seconds to your time. There are more than 60 different patterns, meaning the horse never knows which direction he's going to go — he just knows he's got to get there fast. It's the most difficult and the most fun thing I've ever done with my horses!

Here are some of the things I've accomplished in the three years I've competed in the sport:

  • 2008 CMSA L2 World Champion & National High Point Winner
  • 2010 CMSA L3 Western US Champion
  • 2010 CMSA L3 Reserve World Champion 

Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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