Bachelor of Integrated Studies Mission Statement



The Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) is an interdisciplinary degree program that reports directly to the office of Academic Affairs.


The BIS degree best suits the student who has developed a sense of his or her educational and life goals, and who is looking for ways to explore those goals through an individualized inquiry-based program. The BIS program served the needs of students who want to:


  • Create a personalized academic program
  • Obtain a broad liberal arts education
  • Prepare for specific career goals and/or graduate school


Repko (2012) defined integrated studies as a process of answering questions, problem solving, and using inquiry to investigate issues too broad or complex to be addressed by a single discipline. Students must integrate and meld content knowledge, methodology, and problem-solving skills in completing their degrees.


Thus, BIS students select three academic emphases for in-depth study and work closely with University faculty to conceptualize, draft, and create Capstone Projects that meld and synthesis knowledge, methods, and creativity into a cohesive whole.




The mission of the BIS Department to is recruit, advise, and support students as they identify three academic areas of study; facilitate communications between students and mentoring faculty; and to prepare students to craft inquiry or service-learning Capstone Projects.


 Repko, A. (2012). Interdisciplinary research process and theory. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.

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