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Application Information: 

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies program consists of three academic areas of emphasis.  These areas are selected from departments that agree to participate with BIS.  The minimum credit requirement for each emphasis is 18 semester hours, however, some departments require more credit hours.  It may be possible to use a "technical" associate degree as one of your emphases. (e.g. AS or AAS) if approved by the participating academic department.  An Associate of General Studies degree will not qualify for an academic emphasis.

The Nursing department has informed the BIS department that an Associate degree with RN licensure cannot be used as a third emphasis for BIS as standards for preparing nurses have changed.  Questions related to nursing need to be addressed by the Nursing department advisers.

All Weber State graduation and degree requirements must also be met, including general education, total credit hours, number of upper division credit hours, etc.

Applicants can apply to the BIS program any time after being admitted as a WSU student. For WSU Admissions, please click on the link. 

Wondering how your classes will transfer to WSU?  Here is a link to Weber's Transfer Guide.

Application process:

1- Once you have chosen your three areas of emphasis, and before being admitted into the BIS program, you will need to print a copy of the Application and Contract pages. If you are a distance student or live outside of the state of Utah, the Application and contract pages can be completed with the advisers by email or fax.  The appointment for BIS admission can be done by phone or video conference.

2- There is a BIS faculty adviser over each area.  Advisers will help you in developing your course list (contract page).  All areas are listed under our Participating Departments page and the contact information for the faculty advisers is provided there.  This adviser will approve any classes you may have already taken, or will help you in determining if there are more classes required.  (Classes being used for General Education requirements CANNOT also be used on BIS contracts)  The BIS department cannot approve any classes or alter departmental requirements. 

3- When all three contracts have been completed and signed by the faculty adviser, you are ready to meet with our director, Dr. Michael Cena, and be admitted into the BIS program.  The BIS office schedules appointments.  Please contact us at 801-626-7713 or by email at Along with your Application and Contract pages, you will need to provide a one-page Statement of Purpose describing why you chose the BIS program.

4- If you would like more information about the BIS program and the Capstone project, please use our online information session tool.  It will go into further detail about the program and help you decide if this is the best option for you.  If you have further questions after completing the online information session, please don't hesitate to contact the BIS office at 801-626-7713 or



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