Program Review

Program Faculty Response Report Guidelines

(Revised July 2004)

The program faculty submit the following documents to the Academic Dean:

  • 2-3 page written response of the Program Faculty to the Program Review Evaluation Team report with specific focus on the following
    1. recommendations/commendations (repeat with each recommendation/commendation)
      1. program response to recommendation/commendation
        1. agree and rationale
        2. disagree and rationale
      2. action plan and timeline (if applicable)
      3. assessment of action plan and evidence of results (report submitted to Dean)
    2. department/program plans beyond Program Review Evaluation Team recommendations
  • report of the Program Review Evaluation Team (NOTE: the Dean may already have this)
  • a 3-5 page executive summary of the self-study (NOTE: the Dean may already have this)

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