Assessing the WSU Mission

Assessment Plan

Revised 09/14/01


Assessment of mission-related student outcomes occurs within specific departments and offices, as well as on a campus-wide basis.

Department and Office Assessment

Mission-related student outcomes are assessed annually by various areas within the University as noted in the following grid (an "X" indicates that an area, overall, has responsibility for teaching students that outcome):

     Knowledge Life-long Connections Thinking Respect
Academic departments and programs X X X X X
Library X X X X X
Student support offices X X X X X
Enrollment services offices X    X X X

A more detailed grid which identifies which mission-related student learning outcomes are assessed by specific departments and offices can be found here.

Campus-wide Assessment

Campus-wide surveys are regularly administered to WSU students each year. Some surveys are commercially available (Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction, National Survey of Student Engagement), and some of the surveys are developed in-house (graduating student, general education). The focus of these surveys, with regard to the five mission-related student learning outcomes, is as follows (an "X" denotes the survey that measures that outcome):

Knowledge Life-long Connections Thinking Respect
WSU Graduating Student X X X X X
WSU General Education X X X X
Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction     X    
National Survey on Student
    X X  

More information on these surveys can be found here: