Assessing the WSU Mission

University Committee on Assessment

(revised 10/25/02)

During the 2000/01 academic year, a University Committee on Assessment was created to provide guidance and develop policies on matters related to university-wide and division-specific assessment. "Assessment" involves both the collection of data on the impact of university programs and activities, and the use of these data for informed decision-making.

Therefore, the committee assists in the development of specific assessment projects, participates in the interpretation of the results of these projects, develops a program of communication activities and channels to disseminate assessment information, and promotes the use of accurate and useful assessment information as a basis for campus decision-making. Because the committee is concerned with campus-wide assessment, it has multiple reporting lines for policy and communication recommendations, including: Faculty Senate, Student Senate, Deans' Council and President's Council.

Specific assessment projects which this committee helps oversee and coordinate include:

  • student outcomes
  • assessment within major departments and programs
  • assessment of core and breadth general education requirements
  • assessment of other academic institutional graduation requirements such as scientific inquiry, diversity, etc.
  • assessment of specialized academic programs such as study abroad, concurrent enrollment, early college, online instruction, etc.
  • academic and non-academic program review
  • student affairs assessment activities
  • overall institutional, mission-related assessment activities


  • Kathleen Lukken, Chair of the Committee
  • Carol Biddle, Development Director II
  • Karen Dewey, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Doris Geide-Stevenson, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Kirk Hagen, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Warren Hill, Dean of College of Applied Science & Technology
  • Joan Hubbard, University Librarian
  • Steve Kerr, Institutional Analyst III of Budget & Institutional Research
  • Alan Livingston, Manager of Administrative Computing
  • David Lynch, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Tom Mathews, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Literatures
  • Monica Mize, Professor of Health Promotion & Human Performance
  • Sheldon Nord, Dean of Students
  • Dale Ostlie, Chair and Professor of Physics
  • Carl Porter, Executive Director of Academic Support Services & Programs
  • Brian Stecklein, Program Director, Continuing Education
  • Toni Weight, Associate Vice president for Student Affairs
  • Jared Holmes, WSU Student
  • Jamie Warner, WSU Student