Equivalency Review Request

Equivalency Review Request

Help us make the Transfer Guide more complete!

The Transfer Guide is constantly being updated.  If you have not submitted an official transcript for evaluation, and do not see a course listed in the guide, please help us by submitting an equivalency review request.   Be sure to check the Transfer Guide for your classes first. 

Requests are regularly forwarded to the appropriate campus department and updates to our Transfer Guide are usually made within two weeks of a departmental review. 

Please provide the following: 

Full Name*:  
Advisor Name  
Additional Comments  


The course subjects and numbers must be exact in order for us to find the correct courses to evaluate.  Please check your institution's catalog or your transcript to ensure accuracy.


Transfer Institution
(write out full name)
Year Course was Taken  Course Subject  Course Number   Course Title
 Ex: Any University      Fall 2005  ENGL  101      Freshman Composition


We will post the results of your request on the Transfer Guide, but it can take up to two weeks to process, so be sure to check the Transfer Guide regularly.