Social Science General Education

Social Science Breadth Area Mission Statement

The mission of the Social Science general education area is twofold: 1. to provide students with a basic understanding of humans and their behavior within their environments; and 2. to assist students in their efforts to contribute to society in their particular professions and as responsible citizens of their various communities.

Social Science General Education Student Learning Outcomes

All courses proposed for inclusion in the social science breadth category must address at least two of the skill criteria listed below. (Mark all that apply and explain in the Justification section.)

____ Written, oral, or graphic communication
____ Abstract logic or reasoning
____ Use of information technology
____ Use of library or other research sources
____ Critical thinking, cognitive learning, and individual or group problem solving
____ Collaborative group problem solving 

A student completing a social science general education course should be able to accomplish three of the following five outcomes. (Mark all that apply and explain in the Justification section.)

____ Describe a social science approach to studying and understanding human behavior.
____ Describe basic assumptions about humans and their behaviors from a social science perspective.
____ Explain the basic elements and operation of a sociocultural system.
____ Explain the interactions between individuals and their sociocultural and/or natural environments.
____ Apply a social science perspective to a particular issue and identify factors impacting change (past or present).