Joe College

by Ralph P. Vander Heide '57

It requires a great search of my memory to come up with something unique in the way of a special moment at Weber College back in 1955-57. I suppose in a way there were special moments every day. We were all growing up and learning. Actually, my mind keeps zooming through several memories, some of which center on the old TUB, which we all remember so fondly.

I spent far too much time in the TUB during my first year at Weber. Post high-school freedom was just too much for me. One of my memories settles on the fact that we were so few in numbers then that our professors got to know us quite well. Indeed, we were probably nearly as closely watched as we had been in high school.

I cut one of Dr. Sheldon P. Hayes's classes a couple of times, apparently missed some assignments, and my grades plummeted. I was sufficiently concerned, so I made an appointment to discuss this with Dr. Hayes. His succinct explanation of the cause of my academic decline rings in my ears to this day and helped me then to shape up and frequent the TUB, if not less frequently, at least not during his classes.

He said I should spend less time playing "Joe College" and more time attending classes. I still wonder how he knew.