Get Involved!

There are lots of ways to join the WSU community, even if you’re not interested in taking a course.  Here are just a few ways:

Cheer the Wildcats
WSU’s sports teams are terrific, and there’s an organization devoted to ensuring that they have fans on hand.

Give to WSU 
Although the university is publicly funded, the margin between a good education and a great one is often the work of philanthropy.

Join the Alumni Association  
Connect with old friends and enjoy great activities. Anyone who has studied at WSU is eligible for the association!

Wear WSU Proudly 
Look like a Wildcat wherever you go. You can buy online.

Join a Club or Organization
You can enhance your academics by joining a departmental club. You can meet new people by joining a social club. You can get some exercise and compete by joining an athletic club. No matter what your interests, you can find something on campus.